Chimney Sweep

Certified Chimney Sweep


Chimney Champs offers fast, complete and efficient chimney sweep services in Rhode Island. We use drop cloths to insure you home is kept immaculately clean during the chimney sweep process and all of our chimney sweeps are done using HEPA Filter Vacuums which keep all soot contained and are safe to use around most people with allergies and asthma. Our affordable $99.00 Chimney Sweep includes the following:

  • Clean Drop Cloths Are Put Around The Entire Work Area
  • Technician Performs Visual Inspection of Chimney
  • Technician Thoroughly Cleans Out the Firebox
  • Technician Cleans Off Smoke Shelf
  • Removes Damper, Sweeps Insure Smoke Chamber, Flues
  • Runs Brush/Rods Along Entire Length Of Chimney
  • Leaves Work Area Perfectly Clean, As It Was Before