Smoke Chamber Code Upgrade

Smoke chamber code upgrade to bring your fireplace to compliance with NFPA standards. NFPA 211 states that all smoke chambers for wood-burning masonry fireplaces must be parged smooth with high-heat cement. Without this cement lining in the smoke chamber, small imperfections in the masonry of the fireplace or chimney can lead to devastating damage to your chimney and home.

Smoke Chamber Code NFPA

Why does a smoke chamber need to be parged?

In the smoke chamber is where the final steps of the combustion process take place. Even small unnoticeable gaps or cracks in the smoke chamber can cause serious issues.

Flammable creosote blockage buildup due to smoke not being able to quickly escape up the flue liner and out the chimney.

Heat spreading from inside the the chimney to surrounding items and nearby walls creates creates a serious risk of a house fire not to mention the carbon monoxide that could be leaking out.

Smoke Chamber Code & NFPA Standards

Cross Section Reference: – The cross sectional area of the passageway above the firebox including the throat, damper, and smoke chamber shall not be less than the cross sectional area of the flue

Thickness Reference: – Where unlined, the smoke chamber wall thickness shall not be less than 8″

Height Reference: – The smoke chamber height shall not be greater than the inside width of the fireplace room opening.

Depth Reference: – The smoke chamber depth shall not be greater than the depth of the fireplace chamber.

Inner Surface Reference: – The inner surfaces of the smoke chamber shall be parge coated smooth, with an insulating refractory mortar, and not inclined more than 45 degrees from vertical.

Does your home meet Smoke Chamber Code?

Alternative fuels and heat sources are a fantastic way to save to not only save money but also have an unbeatable ambiance. For more information on NFPA Smoke Chamber Code requirements please view the latest NFPA code.

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