Furnace Smoke Pipe Repair / Replacement

smoke pipe

A common problem that we find when we are doing chimney sweeps and servicing wood stoves, that is damaged or smoke pipe that is just falling apart. This smoke pipe is responsible for taking deadly gasses and harmful smoke from your heating appliances.

Chimney Champs, home of the $99 chimney sweep is now proud to offer on-site smoke pipe replacement for free with your sweep! You pay for the piping required, we sweep away the service charge every other company charges*.

If you were to look around online there is a common comment you will see on message boards and support forums,

My immediate advice is to plug in a carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. If it goes off, evacuate the premises and call a HVAC professional!


So I shouldn’t be to concerned about the gaps leading to C0/C02 poisoning and death overnight?

So why even bother with having to worry about carbon monoxide or any of the other acoustic gasses or the smell and damage smoke can do to your home, have chimney champs sweep your chimney, and if you need your pipe replaced, well…. we do that too.

Want to make an appointment to get your chimney services call now, 860-594-8607 or click here to contact us on the web. Chimney Champs services all of Connecticut, Rhode Island & New Hampshire.

*I did not call every chimney shop in the surrounding states to confirm they do not drive out and replace furnace or fireplace piping for free.

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