Need a Chimney Sweep / Inspection?

Just booked your famous $99 Chimney Champs Sweep and Inspection and you want to know what you can expect? We will briefly cover an average sweep from start to finish. We will then address many commonly asked questions.

not familiar with the basics of how a chimney works please read All About Your Chimney!

What You Can Expect from Chimney Champs

Our technicians need to enter and exit the home freely with specialized tools. These tools may be noisy and we want to make sure your family friend (extended family?) stays safe. Your appliance needs to be pulled out, may require more than 1 technician? Alert the receptionist when you are scheduling your appointment. *(there may be an additional charge).

All Sweeps are done from the inside of the home. The technician will enter your home, prepare and protect it from the entrance to the appliance. Using a high power 3 filter system HEPA vacuum to contain all soot they will continue with sweeping your flue(s). Before leaving the technician will also do a visual inspection of the exterior chimney.

Please Note: As a certified chimney professional and NFPA member your sweep technician is responsible for all flue’s. Please allow your technician to walk through and identify all flues. Any flues that you do not want swept can be declined.

Your Inspection Report

Once all your flues have been swept / inspected or declined the technician will fill out an inspection report similar to this and you will receive a copy for your records.

Once your sweep / inspection has been completed, the technician has answered all your questions / concerns? You can make payment via check or cash with the technician. For credit/debit please let the office know when you are making the appointment. The technician will now email you the inspection report.

If you would like an estimates on any of the areas that were marked unsatisfactory inform the technician. You can also request information by contacting the office.

Need a realty inspection or not sure what you may need try reading about the different inspections Chimney Champs offers.

No matter hat your chimney needs are, contact us now and we can be your chimney champs!

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